Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Unexpected Adventure

I did not set out today to buy more supplies, it really was not my objective to come home with bags of new yarn and beads!

It started out harmless, I just thought I would stop in the local bead shop and take a look around. Maybe find a little inspiration, pick up a few spacer beads that I could use....but did not really need. Well, I know its not just me, I get in there and everything is so enticing! And the prices were great! I ended up leaving with quite a few hemitie beads, some fancy square beads, and 5 hanks of spacers. ooooppppssss! I am sure I will find lots of great uses for them though.

Then, as if I needed to I mentioned to the clerk that I had not been to the new yarn shop that I knew was near by, but did not know where exactly. Of course she told me where it was I had to go!

My first reaction was ....well how can I say this nicely? Not very impressed. As I was about to leave I noticed in the corner by the check out a little bin that said SALE. Now your talking my language! I started slow, only going to by 2 or 3, well, maybe 4. Ok, I ended up with a lot! It was fun, I cant wait to dig in and create! I found some great new treasures today!

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